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About us

Hello! Happy to see you here. So why are you visiting my website? Looking for a unique card that is different from any kind you’ve ever seen? Are you wanting to give a special card to a special person to just say hello, or to wish them a happy birthday or anniversary? Then I hope you will enjoy your visit.

People often ask me how I ended up making greeting cards. Well, it all started with my trying to find thank you cards to send to my real estate clients back in 1997. I was looking for something that was unique and elegant, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. And so the first card was born. Now there are over 700 designs in the Blue Turtle Studio collection with over 500 available here onsite.

The subject matter is an eclectic collection of images, many of which celebrate nature and the human experience. I was fortunate to have lived by the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, many of the images reflect seaside and resort themes. In addition, there is an extensive selection of holiday cards and cards that express love and friendship. Because of my commitment to nature and animal welfare, you will find many images of cats and dogs, flowers, and plants. A minimum of 10% of the profits is donated to animal rescue causes.

Since the start of Blue Turtle Studio, my cards have been featured in Somerset Studio Magazine and many trade publications.

Another question I am asked frequently, is just how do you make your cards? There are 23 distinct steps in creating each greeting card. Designs are cut from original abstract paintings or laser prints of my watercolors. The images are then placed on handmade paper, a few of which have a variety of flower and plant inclusions. I used to make my own handmade paper, but now select some of the finest, most beautiful papers available, most made from cotton fibers or from Lokta plants. Some cards are individually enhanced with watercolor pencils or other liquid material to make each unique. The card stock is of a fine grade of recycled paper.

New designs are frequently added, so please do register so you can sign up for our mailing list. Registering will entitle you to view new designs as they become available through an occasional newsletter.

Our mission is to provide uniquely beautiful handmade cards at an affordable price...delivered on time, each and every time, but most of all, to make cards that make you and your recipient feel good!